Building Engineering Services

Decades of Experience

Building Engineering Services Decades of Experience

At Shanley’s we have decades of experience in providing the mechanical and electrical systems to create stable internal environments in our clients’ commerical and public building projects. We have worked on large scale educational facilities, and multi-site, multi-unit medical facilities and many others.

Our services include designing and implementing systems for maintaining correct air temperature, air quality and lighting levels, as well as the provision of backup support systems such as power, hot and cold water and lifts.

We also install life safety systems such as fire alarms, emergency lighting and sprinkler systems and we comply with all European energy rating certificate directives.

Among the systems we install are:

  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • LPHW Water Systems
  • Information Communications and Automation Technology (ICAT) – Sensio, Lutron.
  • KNX Lighting control
  • Life Safety Systems. Security, Emergency Alarm.

Electrical Services

At Shanley’s we provide a comprehensive range of electrical services to our industrial, pharmaceutical and public sector clients. Those services include the design, supply, installation testing and verification of electrical services.

Most of our clients have been working with us for decades and today we carry out the full range of electrical services for some of the best known companies in Ireland.

From Breweries to Hospitals, from Pharmaceutical plants to Agri-food facilities we have gained the trust of our clients because we invest in our people to provide the highest possible standard of electrical installation.


Our skills in Instrumentation come from decades of experience planning and executing projects from design through to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We ensure automation systems and associated instruments are designed, installed and commissioned in compliance with all relevant safety, regulatory and engineering standards and guidelines.

We have gained our clients loyalty and trust by ensuring our instrumentation technicians are trained to the highest standards, and that projects come in on time and on budget

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